I’ve been drawing and painting as long as I can remember and at the age of eleven I painted my first oil painting. I became fascinated by the depth and luster of the oil paints and that is why oil still is my most common media of choice.

In recent years most paintings I have sold have been painted on request. If you are interested in a particular painting or would like to discuss the possibility to let me paint a painting on your request, please contact me! If I have the possibility to paint a painting for you we would typically agree on a style based on my previous work, possibly type of motiv (no portraits), a canvas size, estimated price and a very rough time estimate.

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Professional work

I got my PhD in image processing in 2014 at Uppsala University, link to thesis. I’ve spend several years applying image processing at the biotech company Vironova AB. Today I continue to apply image processing and machine learning in biotech as an analytics team lead at a startup in the Stockholm area.

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Photo of me by my oldest daughter in 2019.