Welcome to my blog where I showcase my art! It is mainly oil paintings. You can explore my art via the tags or by browsing through blog posts. You can read more about me and my art on the About page.

There is also a page called datasets where I host a few texture datasets mainly relevant for researchers in image processing and machine learning.

Exploring cubism through drawings

Somewhere online I saw some ink and aquarelle paintings in a “modern cubism style” this summer. It lead me to explore the concept a bit. These drawings are ink and coloured pencils. Pencils picked from a small palette of colors.

Not sure how to preceed with the concept though.

Against the storm

Against the storm – oil on canvas, 200 x 125 cm, 2021. Commission piece.

This is my largest piece to date. With this, I have invested in a full width (210 cm) canvas roll, giving me more freedom of canvas sizes. Previously, I have been restricted by the half-width rolls.

Prints of protein structures

I have processed and printed a few protein structures, exploring shading using a pen plotter. The process is described further down.

The prints are printed using an AxiDraw pen plotter with Pigma Micron Fineliner pens on 297 x 210 mm (A4), 220 g/m2 acid free paper from Daler Rowney. They are printed in 10 numbered copies each.

The print titles are listed left to right.

TitlePrints still available for purchase
Serotonin receptor3 of 10
Green fluorescent protein 6 of 10
SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein 6 of 10
Immunoglobulin G monoclonal antibody 6 of 10

The process

The protein structure data from the Protein Data Bank has been processed in PyMOL, exported to Blender 3D for rendering and finally made into a shaded vector based line drawing in Inkscape with the text added. The whole idea was to explore the use of hatching techniques to shade 3D renderings of the proteins. Turning the results into physical prints using an AxiDraw pen plotter soon became too tempting to resist. For the larger proteins I decided to render the surface rather than the schematic structure.

A photo of the printing process.

Early morning

Oil on canvas, 170 x 100 cm, 2019. Commission piece.

I started to sketch and collecting ideas early 2017 and painted over one attempt spring of 2018. Finally, during the autumn of 2019 things finally fell into place and I could finish it!

Golden ratio

Oil on canvas, 2015-2019, 80 x 34 cm.

I painted this piece while exploring the golden ratio a number of years ago. I didn’t intend to keep it but I have had it hanging on the wall next to the easel and it has grown on me so now I have signed it and put it up here on my website.